6 Tips for the Technologically Impaired to Get More Out of Windows 8

6 Tips for the Technologically Impaired to Get More Out of Windows 8

When Microsoft released Windows 8, it changed the way the world looks at operating systems. With a whole new concept, Windows 8 is packed with features users have never seen before. These new features are intimidating for users who are technologically impaired, although there’s a lot of benefit to be gained from Microsoft’s latest release. Here’s a look at how to get the most from Windows 8.

Power Up from the Lock Screen


Image via NetworkWorld.com

Windows 8 powers on to a lock screen, which doesn’t offer many clues on how to get past it. It’s quite simple, however: Just tap the space bar, spin the mouse wheel or swipe the screen if you’re using a touchscreen to open up the login screen. Here, you can enter the credentials you used to create your account.

Use App Groups to Organize Your Life


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Computing today is all about applications and cloud computing. What is cloud computing? Cloud computing allows users to run applications and store data on a remote server instead of via a local hard drive.

Windows 8 is based on the idea that users install dozens of apps, so Microsoft has created an easy way for you to keep all it all organized. You can form separate app groups, such as People, Calendar and Messaging and move the groups to preferred areas of the Start screen for easy reference.

Use the Quick Access Menu for Text Identification


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If you’re more of a text-based user, you can right-click the lower left part of the screen to activate the Quick Start menu. This feature provides access to the Control Panel, Device Manager, and other commonly used programs. You can also hold down the Windows key and press X to activate this menu.

View All Apps for Quick Location


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Sometimes, users forget which group they’ve stored an application in. Holding down the Windows key and pressing Q will bring up a scrolling list of all the apps you’ve installed, so you can easily find the apps you don’t use as often. The Windows Store has dozens of applications to choose from to make your life easier.

Scroll with a Finger or the Mouse


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If you’re using a tablet, you can simply scroll from screen to screen using a finger swipe, much the same as smartphones work. If you’re using a regular computer, spinning the mouse wheel will allow you to scroll left and right on the screen to navigate through your applications.

Shut Down by Moving the Cursor to the Lower Right


Image via TechRadar.com

Shutting down also works a bit differently in Windows 8. To do so, simply move the cursor to the lower right of the screen and click the Settings icon. Alternatively, hold the Windows key and press I. Click the Power button and select either Shut Down or Restart.

Windows 8 has a lot of fancy features, but there’s no need to be intimidated. A few simple tricks will have you navigating around seamlessly.

 Author bio: Teddy Hunt is a freelance content writer with a focus on technology. When not behind a computer, Teddy spends the majority of his free time outdoors and resides in Tampa, Florida.

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