Emulator Dual View System (DVS) Touch Screen MIDI Controller For DJs

Emulator Dual View System (DVS) Touch Screen MIDI Controller For DJs-1

An All Touch Screen DJ Booth! The Emulator Dual View System (DVS)

Being a DJ just became cooler with this all touch screen MIDI Controller called the Emulator Dual View System (DVS) from Smithson Martin. The system is composed of a large touch screen panel with a projector behind it and you connect it to a laptop to run the program that for now is Windows only. It looks like something straight out of Tron and designed by Daft Punk. Watch the hands-on video for more.

Emulator Dual View System (DVS) Touch Screen MIDI Controller For DJs-1Emulator Dual View System (DVS) Touch Screen MIDI Controller For DJs-2Emulator Dual View System (DVS) Touch Screen MIDI Controller For DJs-3Emulator Dual View System (DVS) Touch Screen MIDI Controller For DJs-4

From Smithson Martin

Emulator Dual View System (DVS) is the most revolutionary experience for on-stage performers in the last 30 years! Emulator DVS is the first REAL and USABLE Multi-Touch MIDI Control System that allows the crowd to see exactly what the artist is doing on a huge transparent touch screen. Whether you are a VJ, Lighting Programmer, Controlling Lasers or the DJ, you can use the Emulator DVS to control your software all while the audience watches in awe!

The art of performing on stage is now part of the clubs lightshow, this is the next level in performance!

The Emulator DVS can also be used as a multi-touch podium & presentation tool for meetings, conferences, lectures and any public address situations. Corporate events are made more interactive because the podium is transparent and the audience can see right through it while watching the presenter. Audience attention is increased, presenters feel enlivened with new technology!

What is the backbone of Emulator DVS?

Emulator is multi-touch midi control software for Musicians, DJ’s, Lighting Designers, Video Editors, VJ’s, Radio Broadcast Stations, Recording Studios and much more.
Our patent-pending technology allows you to make a custom multi-touch layout on top of any software you wish to control. Our easy to use control editor gives you unlimited options for how you create your dream midi interface. Emulator really is the best midi controller you will ever own. When new versions of your software come out, you can quickly and easily change your multi-touch controller so your hardware NEVER becomes obsolete (well, unless we invent something that doesn’t require a screen).

Emulator Modular & Emulator for Traktor (FT) software come bundled with the DVS hardware.

Emulator for Traktor is a complete multi-touch midi controller software. Emulator for Traktor contains over 130 buttons, knobs and faders covering all common features of the underlying software. Emulator Modular includes a complete set of objects so you can completely custom design your own multi-touch interface with buttons, sliders, circular knobs, jog wheels and even your own custom graphics.

You have NEVER seen a crowd react to DJ equipment like this before.

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