How To Use The Windows 8 Start Screen (Touch Screen)

How To Use The Windows 8 Start Screen (Touch Screen Devices)-1

Windows 8 Start Screen Is Made For Touch Screens

Previously we showed you how to use the new Windows 8 Start Screen using a desktop and non-touch screen devices. So it’s only fitting that we show you how to do the same for touch screen devices since the new start screen in Windows 8 is made for it. The gestures Windows 8 uses are simple once you get the hang of them as it’s not exactly the same as with our touch screen OS’s like Android or iOS.

The main gestures you need to know is that swiping from the top will bring up the menu options and what would be right click options in traditional Windows. Holding down an app and pulling allows you to change its location on the screen and if you pull and let go you will get more options for live tile information and tile size. To close an app you just need to swipe from the top and pull the app all the way down to close it. Swiping the right side from right to left brings up the charms which give you Search, Share, Devices Settings and the quickest way back to the Start screen from an app. There are many more gestures that your able to do so watch the video to see how all of them work.


  1. Katie Dailey says

    I have a windows 8 Lenovo touch screen desk top computer. I am having trouble with my windows staying on the main screen. It is coming open but the screen is small and when I touch it to make it bigger it will stay open for a little bit and then it will go away. I have to keep bringing it back to see it. What can I do to fix this problem? Thank You!

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