Netflix Now Available On Comcast Xfinity X1

Netflix on Xfinity X1

Netflix Is On The Xfinity X1

Comcast recently added Netflix to its lineup of apps available on the X1. Adding Netflix provides, even more,

value to the X1 and gives you one of the largest libraries of content available today. The Netflix app will with Voice search and you can search for content across both On Demand and within Netflix. Also, the content on Netflix will be in HD. This is a great value add for X1 customers and something we mention in our original X1 review as a much-needed feature.

The app should be available now, and if you go into the App section of your X1, you should be able to download it from there. He’s hoping they also add Amazon Prime Video soon as well. If you want to know more about Comcast and Netflix you can check out the official post at the link below.

Source: Comcast

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