PDP PS3 Afterglow Controller Review


The 3rd and final controller we are are going to review in the PDP Afterglow series is the Afterglow for PS3 with a bit of a twist to it. But does it still hold up as a quality PS3 controller.


Like all of the controllers in the Afterglow series from PDP the build quality is solid with plastic casing that is clear and you can see the insides which have a red and light red PCB that matches the red LED lights.  For the most part the controller is standard with a couple of modifications with the L2 and R2 triggers having the REAL TRIGGERS add-ons from PDP  make it feel more like the trigger of a gun when pressing the button. However the biggest change would be the swap of the analog and d-pad locations.


The left analog stick is placed where the D-Pad would normally be which gives it more of an Xbox 360 controller look and feel. being that a lot of games rely on the left analog stick for movement this seems to make sense and give you much more of an advantage when playing games that are heavy on the analog stick such as shooters and fighting games. That’s a cool change but does it effectively work?




In use the controller feels good in the hands. It is odd at first with the left analog stick placement. For PS3 users its going to take a bit to get used to but for Xbox users you will feel much more at home with this controller. This will help even things up when you are playing your friend on a PS3 are you’re an Xbox user and not used to the PS3 controller.  The controller works well in games and the switch of the controls works for the better in a lot of games that really utilize analog controls.


If you are looking for something different and want to get your buddy that is a 360 user to play PS3 and not complain that the controller is too different when your playing against him then this controller is definitely one to pick up.  If you are looking for something just different and unique to play for certain games that you need that advantage  you will want to pick up a  Afterglow PS3 controller.

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Afterglow Controller-Red Playstation 3 [PS3]

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