Radio Shack Breaks “Release Date” On Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (9)


Earlier this week we ran a story about someone from XDA forums having purchased a Verizon Galaxy Nexus before it was available to the public. Since we ran that story there was some speculation to how legit this claim was. One of our readers Michael contacted us stating that the user from the original post did not have the US Galaxy Nexus and  he had an official Galaxy Nexus that he purchased from Radio Shack and he had the pictures and video to prove it. He voluntarily sent the pictures and video over for us to verify and his claim is proved to be legit. We share with you the pictures and videos from Michael. He also provided the receipt proving that he made the purchase legally.

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From the pictures and video we can confirm a  few things that were speculation before. The device does come with 32 GB of build in storage, it come with 1850 mAH battery and it ships with Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich and will get a over-the-air (OTA) update to 4.1 a few hours after you have the device. Mike gave us a few of his first thoughts of his new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. You can post your questions below and can also ask Mike directly at the following social networks below

Mike’s Twitter

Mike’s Google Plus

Quotes from Mike:

“The device is just the right size and weight”.”

“The back feels pretty cheap though. I can imagine if you remove it 30-40 times it would become damaged”

“Screen resolution is great I view it as close as I can get to it and see no pixilation”

“Less than 6 second boot time”

“Holding in right hand and powering up with one hand I usually end up squeezing the volume keys as well no biggie though”

“haven’t had much time to set up and play but my corporate exchange email, Google account etc all setup and worked with out a hitch, The email widget is sweet with scrolling”

“unlocking the boot loader worked but needed pdanet drivers to recognize Windows 7 64bit”

“phone does not get really hot like rumored at a Verizon store. it’s warm at the top more so than the bionic and razr though not hot”

Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (1)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (2)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (3)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (4)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (5)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (6)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (7)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (8)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (9)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (10)

Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (12)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (13)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (14)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (15)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (16)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (17)Verizon_Galaxy_nexus_leak (11)

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