SleepPhones Review


Having trouble sleep? Want to listen to some relaxing music but your current headphones are uncomfortable? Well SleepPhones just may be the solution for you. Check out the review.

The SleepPhones are a very sturdy product with a nice feel to them with good speakers that feel comfortable on your ears. The design is headband/sweatband design to fit firmly so that when your sleep it won’t move around  when you turn over. The audio quality is good and comfortable when listening at night good for nice and relaxing music or nature sounds that come with the system and the lavender scents are a nice addition for those who like aromatherapy for relaxation.

Overall the SleepPhones are a solid buy and are good for anyone that is looking to have a good night sleep. If your looking for headphones for the bed. SleepPhones is the way to go.



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