Sony PSVR Unboxing

Sony PSVR Brings VR Gaming To The Home Console

VR gaming has been the big buzz in 2016 and Sony wants to be the first to bring it to the home console. The PSVR or Playstation VR is the first home gaming console VR gaming headset. It’s compatible with the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro and retails for a $399 price point. The version we unboxed below comes with the following.

  • PSVR Headset
  • 2 Playstation Move Controller Sticks
  • Playstation Camera
  • PlayStation VR World

Sony is the first console maker to bring VR gaming to the home console with the PSVR. The bundle comes with everything you need except a PS4 but you probably want to pick that up if you don’t have it already and want to use this. Watch the unboxing video and we’ll have more to say in our review.