Tactus Tactile Layer Touch Screen Display Technology Hands-On

Tactus Tactile Layer Touchscreen Display-8

One of the biggest obstacles that people run into today when using new technology is all touch screen input, especially with the keyboard. With no key clicking feedback that you get from physical keyboards it can be difficult to get used to but Tactus is developing a technology that is going to change all of that with the Tactile Layer Touch Screen Display. The technology allows you to dynamically raise and lower actual keys on a touch screen display. It uses a special liquid that will form a dome-shaped key bubble over the key that provides not only feel but haptic feedback of typing on a physical key. It’s just a responsive as you would expect and provides that real key feel that many still want. What’s also cool is that it can be applied to more than just smartphones and tablets. It can be applied to anything that uses a touch screen display. Check out the hands-on video and pictures for more.

Tactus Tactile Layer Touchscreen Display-1Tactus Tactile Layer Touchscreen Display-2Tactus Tactile Layer Touchscreen Display-3Tactus Tactile Layer Touchscreen Display-4Tactus Tactile Layer Touchscreen Display-5Tactus Tactile Layer Touchscreen Display-6Tactus Tactile Layer Touchscreen Display-7


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