Take Your Communications To the Cloud with CDW’s Cloud Communication Services

CDW Cloud Collaboration

CDW comes with a long proven history in the IT Business world and they are moving things to the next level and taking it to the Cloud with CDW’s Cloud Collaboration. The new Cloud Collaboration solution brings several technologies and communications tools like voicemail, voice, mobile communications and video conferencing. The cloud allows CDW to bring a nice integrated mix of these services without the drawbacks that’s seen in older Unified Communication systems. CDW Cloud Collaboration provides an effective way to take advantage of the cloud to save money, time and provide access anytime anywhere on any device to your staff either local or remote.

This may be a new service offered by CDW but this isn’t their first time offering Unified communication or hosting services. CDW has been apart of and completed more than 4000 Cisco Unified Communications deployments over the last 10 years. They host these services in their own Tier III-IV facility running 8.2 megawatts of power in a 485,000 square-foot  data center that fully redundant and offer four nines of uptime.

With CDW’s long history of service in meeting ID business needs. They can help deliver of a virtualized architecture that will free up your in-house IT staff to work on other projects. It’s all about saving time, money and provide an effective solution. For more information check out CDW’s Solutions blog for more details about what CDW can provide your business and also check out the the video below about CDW’s Cloud Collaboration services to see if it will meet your needs

In the end of the day if your looking for Unificed Communication and you want it done right and done well by expert’s who get IT then you want to go with CDW!

CDW is a current advertiser on my blog.  All opinions are mine.

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