What is Chromecast? Google’s $35 TV Dongle

marquee-productToday Google announces a new HDMI Wi-Fi Dongle called Chromecast that will allow you to stream content to your TV from your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

The $35 ┬áChromecast dongle claims to be a easy and simple setup. You’ll just need to plug it into an HDMI port on your TV. Then connect to it using Wi-Fi though the Chromcast app and your done. The Chromecast TV dongle supports streaming content from the Google Play Store, Chrome Browser, YouTube and Netflix (1080p). There is support for more apps in the future and that future is looking pretty bright with the low-cost and easy of use with the Chromecast. There also looks like there is support for multiple Chromecast dongles for multiple TVs Which will be great for multi TV homes. ┬áDevices that support Chromecast streaming are Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and Chrome for Windows and Mac.

chromecast mult tv support

Chormecast already looks to be a killer item especially for those that don’t have cable but want to watch their content on a TV screen. The key to this is going to be app support and key app developers will jump on board. While I can see streaming videos services like Hulu and such joining in, I doubt many cable and satellite providers will jump on this considering it steers users away from the set-top box which is their money-maker. Even still I’m excited for Chromecast and can’t wait to get mine. It’s now available to order at the Google Play store and will be on Amazon and other retail partners.

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