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5 Fitness Gadgets To Use When Playing Pokemon Go

You're now getting more exercise while playing Pokemon Go. While becoming a Pokemon Training master here are five fitness gadgets to master your health.

With the popularity of Pokemon Go. More people are getting exercise that wouldn’t normally be getting it.  The game should be on a path to health and wellness. Here are 5 Fitness Tech items you can use while playing Pokemon Go!

Jabra Sport Pace

Jabra Sport Pace

The Sports Pace are fitness earbuds with a focus on cardio training.  They are wireless earbuds come with high-quality sound, sweat and weather resistance.  They should last a full 5 hours and rapid charge with 15 minutes of charging giving you 60 minutes of battery life.  The Sports Pace also includes an app called Jabra Sports Life. The app can track your calories, pace, distance and map your walks, runs or bike rides.

Jabra Sport Life App (2)

What I like about the earbuds is they still allow ambient noise to come in so you can be well aware of your surroundings while listening to tunes, catching Pokemon and tracking your walk. These are my main earbuds I use for my workout. They work very well for me. Currently, the Jabra Sport Pace go for around $79, and while the Amazon reviews are mixed, I’ve been using these for six months with no issues.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Plantronics Back Beat Fit

The BackBeat Fit are another great pair of earbuds. They come with a more flexible design for better stability for all forms of exercise. They’re also waterproof and sweatproof and come with up to 8 hours of battery life. They are also designed to allow ambient noise to come in, so you are aware of your surrounding which is important for Pokemon Go players.

What I like about the BackBeat Fit is the design and battery life. You can stuff these earbuds in a pocket and don’t have to worry about crushing them. Battery life is also excellent with up to 8 hours which is plenty of time many Pokemon Go campaigns. While the BackBeat is the only gadget on this list that doesn’t have built-in fitness tracking, the devices below can provide the tracking for you when using these. Right now the BackBeat Fit retail for $129.99.

Lifebeam Smart Hat

Lifebeam Smart hat

Every Pokemon Trainer needs to have their signature trainer hat, and while it proves to the world that you are master Pokemon trainer why not have it help track your fitness like the Lifebeam Smart Hat can. This weather resistant hat provides tracking for heart rate, calories burned and cadence right from the sensor inside the front of the hat.

Lifebeam With Endomondo

The Lifebeam hat’s data can sync with Android and IOS apps. The one I use is Endomondo that sync your performance data in real time the Lifebeam Fitness Hat.  The hat comes with a velcro strap so one size fits all and is made with Dri-Fit material which will help keep sweat away and keep you nice and cool. From my review, you can tell it’s one of my favorite fitness gadgets!  The Lifebeam Smart Hat is available right now at the price of $99.

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2

My personal fitness tracker of choice is the Microsoft Band 2. The Band 2 comes with 11 different sensors including a heart rate sensor, GPS, pyrometer, and barometer. The fitness band also had a vibrant AMOLED display which is easy to see in daylight. The Band 2 also feature smartwatch-like features such notifications and voice search with Cortana. The Band 2 syncs with Microsoft Health, which works on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The app tracks the extensive amount of data and graphs it for you very well within the app and on the website.

Microsoft Health App (2)

You also create workouts that you can sync with the Band and you can use the Walk app on it while you’re playing Pokemon Go and it will track your location, route, and elevation. You can mark points of interest, so you know where the best Pokestops and gyms are. Also you can connect with friends through Facebook and set fitness challenges between each other. The Microsoft Band 2 is the most sophisticated choice out of the bunch and was at one point the most expensive but no longer since the price has dropped to around $174.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Samsung Gear Fit

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is the newest fitness gadget to be released on this list.  It’s a step below the Microsoft Band 2 and has more of a focus towards cardio fitness. The Gear Fit 2 can track your calories, steps, heart beat, floor elevation, water and caffeine intake. You can track your Pokemon Go walks with build in GPS and will map your journey.

S Health App (2)

While you can keep track of most of your data on the Gear Fit 2 itself, you can also sync your data with Samsung Health app S Health. There is also smartwatch-like features with notifications and music playback controls. There is also 4 GB of storage to sync music directly to it. One big drawback is that it’s Android only.  The Gear Fit 2 is the newest gadget on this list and currently goes for $179.99.

Bonus: Your Smartphone

Galaxy S7 Edge

Many smartphones come with sensors built into them that can track your steps and heart rate. Samsung, iPhones, LG, HTC, and Motorola smartphone made the last two years have one or more of these sensors.  There are first party and third party apps that will support these sensors.

Train Your Pokemon and Train Your Body

Pokemon Go Fitness

It’s important to keep training your body while you are training to become a Pokemon master. You can’t catch them all if your health isn’t up to par. So keep track and keep improving yourself as you improve your Pokemon. Do you have a fitness gadget or feature not listed here? Go ahead and let us know in the comments below. And one more thing….

Team VALOR 4 Life!

Pokemon Go BWOne


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