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Apple Will Show The New iPhone On September 12

Apple iPhone Event 2018
Apple will showcase their new iPhone on September 12th.

It that time of the year again where we find out what Apple has in store for the next iteration of the iPhone. The date is set for September 12th, which happens to be exactly 1 year from last year’s announcements.

Speaking of Last year, the big announcement was the iPhone X. A phone that is an anniversary celebrations of 10 years of the iPhone and a push towards high specs and of course the world famous ‘notch’ that has sprung numerous copy cat looks from other phone makers.

What to expect in the new iPhone X?

This year it looks like Apple will look to refine and improve on their new iPhone line. They have done a pretty good job in keeping things under wraps this year until the leaks that Samsung and Google had to deal with.

The iPhone X update this year will most likely get updated with a newer and faster A-Series processor, improved dual camera optics and probably a storage option increase doubling last years storage options  up to 128 GB and 512 GB. This will match up well next to the Note 9 storage options.

The more interesting change will be the bigger version of the iPhone X and will come with a 6.5 inch display and match the same internal specs as its smaller brother. I also would expect with that screen size there will be some special software features to take advantage of it.

Apple is also expected to release a cheaper iPhone that will take design cues from the iPhone X. The “cheaper” iPhone is expected to have a 6.1 inch display that will be LCD and come in various colors options along side the standard sliver and space gray.

As you know these events are usually not just about the iPhone. Other hardware will get their refresh shine. The Apple watch should see an update with new specs along with new iPad Pros and possible updates to the Macbook Air.  We will know all on September 12th so stay tuned.


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