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Blue Yeti Microphone Review

Blue Yeti
In this review we take a look at one of the more premium microphones in the market the Blue Yeti USB Microphone


The Yeti mic is a pretty simple hardware build. It’s a larger microphone that is build solid on a nice desk mount that allows you to adjust the direction it is in up and down or you can take it off and put it on a microphone mount which is at the bottom between the mini USB port and headphone jack.  The front of the mic has your mute button and volume control. The back of the mic has your gain controls and settings option for different recording patters which are stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional.  The microphone is a triple capsule microphone which is the first of its kind and is also THX certified.  Lots of features and solid build here from Blue.


The microphone is plug and play with no driver installation needed and no proprietary software needed so all you need to do is just simply plug it in to your USB port in either Windows or Mac OS X.  When doing the test recording we used Audacity in the video and there was zero compatibility issues. The program recognized it and worked with it perfectly. Check out the video to heard what each of the different settings sounds like.


The Yeti Mic is a microphone for people looking for a professional sound. From podcasting to vocals to instruments the microphone sounds great you will produce the professional audio you are looking for. Highly recommend putting this in your list of choices for a USB microphone.

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