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Comcast Boots Speed For Most Of The East Coast

The East Coast Gets a Speed Boost

Comcast recently announced they are giving a  speed boost of up to 33% for most of its customers between the Maine and Virginia areas. If you were on the Blast! Plan your download speeds increased to 200 Mbps, and if you are on a Performance Pro plan, your speeds will increase to 100 Mbps for downloads.

The roll out of the increased speeds started on October 18th and if your Comcast customer all you need to do is reboot your modem. Some customers may need a new modem which Comcast will contact those customers that will need that for increased speeds.

I’m glad to see Comcast continuing to boost speeds across it’s network and gets more users on fast broadband. Hopefully, soon they will increase uploads speeds to go along with the download speeds to give even better value. To read more about it check the blog post from Comcast Blog below.

Source: Comcast

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