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Comcast X1 Brings The NCAA Tournament To You With Sports Extras

Comcast's X1 Sports Extra's app lets you get NCAA tournament info right on the big screen.

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This year’s NCAA Tournament will give viewers 120+ hours of games, scores, stats, and upsets. Even the most diehard fan can find it tough to keep up with it all. That’s one of the reasons we’re launching basketball “Extras” in the X1 Sports App, giving fans an interactive, real-time look into all things college hoops without the need for a second screen – a slam dunk just in time for The Big Dance. We’ve added even more interactivity and personalization to the experience – including the ability to view the full tournament bracket – complete with the latest scores and standings – directly on the TV, right next to all the action.

While watching the game, from the opening tip, the app will give fans a real-time breakdown of the time of possession for each team, plus a comparative look at stats like steals, rebounds and total fouls per team – including who from the game leads in each of those categories. A future update to the app, just in time for the final four, will bring full team rosters and detailed individual player stats, including how their shooting percentages vary by court location.

Post-game, fans can view a recap including points per quarter and the “Xfinity Player of the Game” based on the athlete who had the most points, assists and rebounds. Viewers can also check the schedule on the X1 app to see who plays next and how the tournament is progressing. 

So fill out your brackets, sit back and get ready to enjoy all the action of this year’s tournament on the big screen with the new basketball extras feature on the X1 Sports App.

Power User Tip: now that nearly everything in the X1 Sports App has “Extras,” when you have the X1 Sports App open and a game selected on the right side of the screen, just press the “info” key on your X1 remote and you’ll get the current stats for that game.

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