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Facebook Buying Instagram: Five Things We Will See

Here are 5 things that we will see from Facebook buying Instagram.


With today’s $1 Billion announcement this morning at least 5 things that we will see happen with Facebook acquiring the social photo sharing company Instagram.

Facebook will put ads in Instagram

Facebook will find a way to integrate ads within the Instagram social network. It’s what pays the bills these days and the ad space that will made available in photo feeds will be quite profitable. The downside to this of course is no one likes ads in anything but a free service needs to earn money somehow and with the user base that Instagram has a huge opportunity there for Facebook

More Business, Brands and Media will use Instagram

Business, Brands and Media outlets use social media to connect with current and gain new customers, fans, audiences, readers and viewers. When the buzz gets around that a new social network is hot and on the rise they will jump in right a way to create an account. With Facebook now running the show they are sure to create a similar “fan page” option for the Instagram world  for companies to create and connect.

Everyone and I mean Everyone including your Grandma will have an Instagram Account

Instagram started off by being just an exclusive photo-sharing community for iOS users racking up to nearly 30 million on Apple’s mobile OS platform along. Then about a week ago they launched an app for Android that saw 1 Million downloads in a single day. Now with the marketing power and branding of Facebook behind it you can be sure just like how Facebook itself blew up Instagram will do the same.

Windows Phone Will Finally Get Instagram!

While there is an app called InstaCam for Windows Phone it can’t access the Instagram network as they don’t allow 3rd party applications and while the app looks good it has issues at times. Facebook’s relationship with Microsoft should get an official app create for Microsoft’s mobile OS in the very near future which could be just a standalone app and/or directly build into the Windows Phone OS. They could also buyout what InstaCam now has and improved it or give the app the API access it needs.

Will Blackberry Be Left Out?

Now I know the few Blackberry users left are wondering will they be left out? I think its going to be a wait and see for that as Blackberry has to get their 2012 devices out with their new BBX OS which will combine features of Blackberry OS and QNX found on the Blackberry Playbook. This may mean you’ll only be able to emulate the android version if RIM doesn’t get themselves a good place back into the consumer market.

Some are excited for this while many are skeptical and worry that Facebook will just phase out Instagram in favor of their own branded version of social photo sharing. One thing is for sure is that whatever happens it will send shockwaves through social media.

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