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How Fast Does The iPhone SE Charge? | The 20/80 Test

How fast does the iPhone SE charge in 2020? The 20/80 test will tell us!

In this video, I want to see how fast does the iPhone SE charge.  Since there isn’t a truly scientific way to test charging speed. I decided on the iPhone SE charging test that we perform what I call the 20/80 test.

The way we’ll do this charging test is to start charging the iPhone SE from 20%. Which is the most common point where people feel they need to charge, and usually where your phone will alert you to charge up.

We then test the charging time from 20% to 80% and see how long it takes. 80% represents where most people will feel confident they have enough charge to go and enough battery life to get what they need to get done before the next charge need. Hence the 20/80 test.

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