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HTC 10 Impressions – The First 48 Hours

The first 48 hours with the HTC 10 has been an impressive one so far.

So we’ve done a first look and we’ve done and unboxing of the HTC 10. Now it’s time to give you my first impressions of the device after 48 hours.

So far I like the build quality as it’s a lot less slippery then the HTC One M9. The edging on the side actually makes the phone stand out better and gives the phone it’s own unique look to it. I’m a fan of HTC choosing to go with a quad HD display instead of 1080p.  It makes the HTC feeling more like a current flagship phone. So far I have no complaints on on screen quality ans everything looks good.  I would prefer AMOLED over Super LCD but this will due for now from HTC.

HTC is running Android 6.0 on the HTC with what they are just calling now their HTC experience. The term Sense UI is gone (Which is something we mentioned needed to go before) The software is very parred down from past HTC devices. It’s closer to stock android with very few pre-installed applications which is a welcome changed. Things are running fast and smooth with a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB of ram powering the HTC 10, I have not experienced any slow downs or hiccups yet. I did experience one point where the phone got hot but that was only because I was covering a video file and that’s pretty processor intensive.

For the first 48 hours battery life and been good as I’ve only needed to charge it once since my testing. The cameras have also proven to be a welcomed improvement over it’s predecessor. Both the front and the rear have improved greatly in quality. I have not had the chance yet to check out the audio from the 24 bit DAC, but I will save that for the review. For now check out the video below to get more about my impressions so far with the HTC 10.

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