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HTC One Review (Sprint)

Our review of the HTC One for Sprint.

HTC One Review (Sprint)-10

It took us a bit of time to get to this one but we have our video review of the HTC One right here. The HTC One is the flagship smartphone from HTC that packs both high end hardware and quality software but is that enough to make it the top choice among smartphones?

HTC One Is One Of The Best Design Smartphones Ever

The HTC One design wise is one of the high quality crafted phones available in the market. It’s a combination of all metal casing with a glass front covering the 4.7 inch Full HD display that products accurate color reproduction without too much over saturation. There is no removable battery which is disappointing although you can get through a normal work day with moderate usage.  You can’t add micro SD card storage but it does include 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage which should be more that enough for most people. Anything else should be saved using a cloud storage solution. The HTC One also packs dual stereo speakers called HTC BoomSound which is by far the best speakers your going to find on a smartphone. Movies and music sound great and with Beats  Audio integration give the bass a boost.  A quad-core 1.7 Ghz Snapdragon 600 processor with 2 GB of RAM power the software on the HTC One which we will get into next.

HTC Sense 5 Makes More Sense

Software wise the HTC One runs HTC Sense 5 based on Android 4.1. This is by far the cleanest and biggest overhaul HTC has done to  Sense. It’s a lot easier to use, less cluttered and performs well.  The have included HTC BlinkFeed which can aggregate all of your social networks and news feeds  into a nice visual home screen is ok to use but at the same time you can’t move it from it’s location or get rid of it all together if you don’t want to use it.  The visuals of Sense 5  is on the plain side and some features like quick access controls in the notification are not there.  The new Sense 5 is the best version of Sense to date but still lacks behind some of the other custom android UI’s available.

HTC Utrapixel Camera Is Great But Somewhat Overhyped

HTC did a lot of bragging about the Ultrapixel camera and it’s performance. To tell you the truth it is really a solid camera that takes great photos and does do decent in low light conditions but it is a bit overhyped on how good it is. I will say color reproduction tends to be more accurate the most of the competitors but the quality isn’t going to blow you out of the water.  Now i’m not trying to down the camera and say it’s bad. It is definitely a great camera for most people and one of the best out there but I want to set realistic expectations on it. Video quality

HTC One Is Quality Phone. You won’t be disappointed.

As a phone call quality is excellent. Both ends of the call sound  good. Reception in our area is good but we didn’t get the chance to test 4G LTE as model we are using for review is from Sprint and there isn’t much LTE coverage in our area for them yet and their 3G is just plain terrible in the Boston area.

Overall the HTC One is a solid phone. Its the best that HTC has to offer. While I’ve said before that i don’t think its going to save HTC , It will at least keep them in the game long enough to bring out another device that could be that home run hit they are looking for. If you decide to grab an HTC you won’t be disappointed. The build quality is great, the software is refined well and you will be satisfied with it’s overall performance.


HTC One Device Pics


HTC One Utrapixel Camera Pics



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