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The HyperX Cloud Revolver S: A Prime Choice For Gamers

HyperX continues its trend of making high-quality gaming products with the premium quality Cloud Revolver S.

The Cloud Revolver S is a perfect match of quality comfort and sound.

Gaming headsets are an essential part of your gaming setup. They need to be well built, good quality and the features to enhance your gaming experience without getting in the way.  Hyper X has focused on this with the Pulsefire FPS and Alloy FPS. The Hyper X Cloud Revolver S headset is the perfect match to this combo.

I’ve been using the HyperX Cloud Revolver headset as my primary headset for quite some time now. One of the main reason I keep going back to it is the excellent sound quality.  The earcups contain 50 mm drivers that provide studio-grade quality sound.  Those earcups use very comfortable memory foam that rests comfortably over my ears and no ear aches after having them on for long sessions.  The headband is solid steel with a band of the same memory foam as the earcups that will rest comfortably on top of your head. There isn’t any squeeze pressure when having the headset on as the metal frame is flexible enough to ensure comfortability.

There is a removable microphone that fits on the left side of the Hyper X Cloud Revolver S that is flexible to bend around into the proper position you want it in, but there can be issues at a time where it doesn’t stay exactly where you want. The quality from the microphone is good enough. Playing online people could hear me well, and there weren’t any complaints of garbled audio. You do want to keep the mic at a proper distance from your mouth as you speak to hit the sweet spot, so you don’t sound too distance or mumbling.  The mic is TeamSpeak and Discord certified so it should do well with either option.

The DSP Dolby Surround Sound Makes All The Difference


The Cloud Revolver S include a long USB cable with a DSP attached to it to enhance the audio quality with Double Audio 7.1 virtual surround sound. Being that its USB you can use it on a PC and PS4 and if you want to use an Xbox One X  or even your smartphone, you can plug into the 3.5 MM headphone jack. Just know that you won’t have the Dolby audio options without the USB DSP cable.  The cables themselves are nicely braided to prevent tangling and slipping. They are on the long side so be aware if your in a situation where cords can get tangled up.

On the USB DSP, there is a one button option to turn on surround sound, one for the mic to turn it on or off, volume controls for both audio and mic on the side and button for EQ presets.  The EQ presets are only available when surround sound is turned off. I find that the 1st preset is the best for regular usage and music. For gaming, I love using the surround sound to play. It gives me a much more immersive feeling being able to hear sounds from all sides. It works best with games like Overwatch and Battlefield One. It brings you more into the game environment. Making you more alerts and better chances of staying alive. There were several instances of hearing some footsteps or gunshots coming from vulnerable positions that help me stay alive and gain a kill in some cases.

The DSP 7.1 surround sound also works great with video content with actions films like Black Panther and TV shows like The Punisher.  This show especially worked well in hearing those gun shell cases fall and other small background details such as an alarm from a distance that I didn’t notice without the surround sound turned on.  Moreover, while the first EQ setting works well for listening to music, I do find music to be more enjoyable overall with the DSP turned on.

These are also simple to set up. Much like the Pulsfire FPS and Alloy FPS, there are no drivers or software to install. Just simple plug in and go. It’s great for keeping things simple with no gimmicks. However, it would be nice to have the ability to make some customizations to the preset EQs would be nice.

Are the Hyper X Cloud Revolver S worth the buy?

The Cloud Revolver S is a reliable option for audio for both gaming and mixed content use.  The build quality, sound quality, and comfort are the three prominent features that I like most about them.  The mic could be a bit more flexible, and it would be nice to have some software for customization but overall the package is excellent, and it’s a recommend from me. These are a premium pair of gaming headphones that would go well with any setup.



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