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HyperX And Ducky Team Up For Limited Edition One 2 Mini Gaming Keyboard

Limited-Edition One 2 Mini Ducky and HyperX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Collaboration Feature HyperX Red Switches and Ducky 60 Percent Keyboard Design.

HyperX and Ducky are teaming up to bring you a special limited edition version of the One 2 Mini mechanical gaming keyboard. The One 2 Mini will be 60% form factor using HyperX red linear switches, per-key RGB lighting, N-Key mode, 100$ anti-ghosting and uses a detachable USB Type C for connection.

It’s decked out in Hyper X’s well know red and black color scheme and will use Ducky’s Double-Shot PBT caps.  The One 2 Mini will also have Ducky Marco 2.0 support for personalization macros and onboard key lighting and up to six custom hardware profiles.

The One 2 Mini is a real limited edition keyboard with only 3700 of these being made and will launch on May 12 for $109.99 MSRP and will be available through the HyperX Online shop.  I’m a big fan of HyperX keyboards as I use them personally myself. I have yet to try a 60% keyboard due to wanting a full suite of keys available but I might just give this one a try and jump into the world of Ducky.

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