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Iconic Razor Launches All New Adult Electric Scooter Line-Up


 Iconic Scooter Brand to Introduce the Ecosmart SUP, E300HD and C25 Alongside Just Launched E Prime III– All Featuring Razor’s Distinctive Rear-Wheel Drive Engineering 

Line-Up Offers More High Performance Options Than Ever for Any Adult Rider to Travel to Their Destination in the Most Fun, Safe, Smooth and Stylish Way 


July 22, 2020— Razor, the foremost trailblazer and innovator in the scooter industry, is greatly expanding its footprint in the adult electric scooter market as it introduces an expansive line-up, providing riders the most fun, stylish, and safe way to travel short distances.  Over the next couple of months, Razor will unveil three new models—the EcoSmart SUP, E300 HD, and the C25 (working names).  These, alongside the just released  E Prime III,  offer the perfect range of design-forward, attractively priced scooters tailored to varying rider needs—whether traveling to the supermarket, the short distance between commuter train and workplace, or just taking a spin around  the park.

From lightweight foldable models, to larger durable vehicles, smooth air-tire rides, to feel-the-road solid tire rides, Razor’s exciting adult electric models offer consistently great and dependable performance and the most fun in getting from point A to point B.  In designing and engineering its new adult scooter line, the team—which consists of several former BMX and skating competitors—focused their efforts first and foremost on making its scooters accessible for any level of rider.  The overall mission: offering the best ride for each and every rider whether they are cruising the neighborhood or trying to make it to work on time.  With  durability and safety being of the utmost importance to the Razor USA team, Razor designed its new line with rear-wheel drive — counter to the design of most electric scooters.  Rear-wheel drive shifts weight to the rear of the scooter, enhancing both drive traction and ease of steering. This choice helps prevent tip overs and enables riders to position themselves more naturally on the scooter so that they can navigate uneven roads and turns more effectively.

Razor’s major focus on the adult electric scooter sector comes as the company that took the world by storm—quickly becoming the household name for kick scooters across the globe— turns 20.  Over the past two decades, Razor has not only pioneered kick scooters, but has innovated across the vehicle spectrum, creating an array of must have, design-forward wheeled rides: from hoverboards, to skateboards, to electric scooters, and more.

Jim Wagner, President at Razor USA said, “Cities and towns are changing.  Over the past few years, and especially in the past few months, people are increasingly looking for other options beyond cars and mass transportation to get them from point A to point B.  At Razor, we have been building out our line-up of electric scooters so that there is a fun and comfortable ride for every user, no matter their level, at a variety of price points that make them attractive to own.  We anticipate even more cities will build out infrastructure and regulation for alternative forms of transportation like scooters, and just like in the kick scooter space, we want Razor to become the brand adults turn to for electric scooters.  With this expanded adult focus, Razor has furthered its position at the forefront of the scooter movement, offering fun and stylish rides for everyone—kid, teens, adult novice, and expert scooter riders.”

Specifics of the new models scooting to retail soon are as follows:

  • EcoSmart SUP: the EcoSmart SUP is the perfect intro scooter for adults who have never ridden an electric scooter before because it offers the smoothest, most comfortable ride.  Its 16” pneumatic front and rear tube tires and wide bamboo deck make for a ride with better stability.  Featuring a 350W motor, the scooter is fast, with top speed being 15.5 miles per hour* and is great for a spin around town or jaunt to the beach  where longer trips are necessary with its maximum distance being 12 miles per battery charge.  Razor offers a similar model for Razor Share–their dockless shared scooter business.  MSRP: $449. Available this month.
  • C25 (working name): the C25 is highly durable and foldable, making it an excellent option for the daily commute and it can go up to 11.25 miles per battery charge and up to 15.5 miles per hour*.   This electric scooter features a 12” solid front wheel for stability, front and rear lighting for nighttime travel, an electric dashboard, and large 250W rear brushless hub motor.  The C25has a 36V lithium ion battery and weighs 30lbs.  A lead acid battery version will be available next year. MSRP: $399 (Available October).
  • E300 HD: Razor’s most economical and bestselling electric scooter updated to a hub drive motor! This is a great option especially for recreational electric scooter users who like to use their scooters for a quick spin around the neighborhood or for fun in the park.  The scooter will feature a 250W high-torque brushless rear wheel hub motor, 9” pneumatic front-wheel and 8” solid back wheel, twist-grip acceleration, and hand-operated, rear drum break. Top speed is 15 miles per hour*.  This latest addition to Razor’s E300 series is also the perfect option for a buyer looking for a fun ride at an economical price, which will have a suggested retail price of $289 when it hits the market this fall.

These new offerings join the just released E Prime III and the currently available sit-down version of the EcoSmart — the  EcoSmart Metro — as anchors of Razor’s adult electric scooter line-up:

  • E Prime III: Built for speed, portability, versatility, and making an impression, the Razor E Prime III Scooter is the next generation of transportation from the brand that first introduced the kick scooter in 2000.  At 24.2 lbs, it’s the lightest electric scooter in its class, and can be carried easily on the go or stored at home, in your car, your dorm, or office.  The scooter travels 18 miles per hour*. With a 250-watt brushless hub-drive motor, LED headlight and brake-activated taillight, and a dual braking system, the E Prime III Electric Scooter will get you to your destination and back again safely.   Perfect for riders’ commutes to work, school or wherever life takes you, the E Prime III Electric Scooter is the third evolution in the E Prime folding electric scooter series and is built with east and portability in mind.  With obsessive attention to the rider’s experience, our engineers and designers have created a responsive, smooth, exhilarating ride.  Made of aircraft grade aluminum with anodized finishes for a sleek, modern design—with the E Prime III Electric scooter, wherever you go, you’ll arrive in style. Suggested retail price: $399.
  • EcoSmart Metro: Designed for true neighborhood transportation.  This sit-down electric scooter combines comfortability, style, and functionality with its ultra-padded seat, rear disc braking system, adjustable handlebar rake and seat, detachable luggage rack/rear fender, bamboo deck, and stylish powder coated frame.  Using standard bicycle size 16” pneumatic tube tires on spoke wheels makes for easy replacement.  Just twist and go with the variable speed hand throttle control and powered by a 500W extra high torque motor and 36 volt rechargeable battery system.  Battery weight is also balanced on the centerline of the frame.  Travels up to 18 miles per hour* and has a running time up to 40 minutes of continuous use.   The EcoSmart Metro line has just been updated with a hub drive, which will mitigate the noise level and make the ride quieter.  Suggested Retail Price: $469

*Each scooters max MPH listed in the release is based on the scooters max weight load of 220 lbs 

About Razor USA

Razor embodies the spirit of fun and freedom. The company was founded in 2000 with the introduction of its now legendary, original Razor kick scooter, which quickly became an essential ride for anyone on the go. Today, Razor products are available worldwide, with a full range of wheeled rides to inspire and excite riders everywhere. Innovative products and great value have distinguished Razor as a trusted global brand and industry leader. For more information, please visit www.razor.com

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