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iPhone 6 Concept Renderings Suggest Curved Glass Display

iPhone 6
Apple's new iPhone 6 may feature a larger curved glass display according to recent reports and some stunning new concept images that have hit the web.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 rumors are cropping up everywhere these days and they’re only going to continue as we close in on June 2nd and the WWDC 2014. This week, a report from Japanese blog Mac Otakara suggests that Apple’s new flagship handset will feature a curved glass display. In addition, French website, Nowhereelse.fr has partnered with a graphic designer by the name of Martin Hajek to develop a concept rendering for the iPhone 6 based on recent reports.

As you can see, the stunning image above show an iPhone with a more rounded edge profile with a display that curves gently on either side. It’s certainly an exciting design, but these reports are merely speculation as this point and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Such a redesign would represent a major departure from the straight-edged and industrial look and feel of the iPhone 5s, which largely hasn’t changed much since the iPhone 4.

From what we do know, Apple are likely to introduce at least one new iPhone smartphone with what will likely be a 4.7-inch display. Some reports suggest a second handset will also be unveiled with a 5+-inch display. Certainly a size increase is a must because Apple must finally listen to the demands of their user base. Android handsets have firmly established larger smartphones as a new standard and consumer expectations require bigger handsets. The Samsung Galaxy S5 (link) and HTC One M8(Review) have created quite a lot of noise in the industry so the bar has certainly been set very high. Now it’s up to Apple to try to reach it once again with the iPhone 6.

We expect the iPhone 6 to feature a faster A8 processor, improved camera and possibly even a 128GB edition.

Via: Mac Rumors

Concept Image Gallery: Nowhereelse.fr 

Source: Mac Otakara 


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