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Kingston Hyper X Predator USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

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Large Storage, Fast Performance, Big Price. That's the Kingston Hyper X Predator. Here is our review.

Kingston Hyer X Predadtor USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review (6)

With today’s storage world all about online storage and cloud services you wouldn’t think there would be room for a 512 GB flash drive. Well Kingston decided to not only make room but blast their way into it with the Hyper X Predator 512 GB USB 3.0 flash drive.

The Hyper X Predator comes in a nice aluminum case and comes with a USB 3.0 USB cable and an extra large key chain to hold the massively size flash drive. The USB 3.0 cable will come in handy for laptops that are thin and won’t sit evenly with the drive plugged in directly.

For actual storage size your going to get about 465 GB formatted for use. As for speeds you’re going to get what you pay for with average speeds of about 180 MB/s. As you’ll see in our review video we used a 12 GB folder with various video files to test and it took  about 1 minute to copy the data to the drive.  They copy speeds are just as fast to as we copied back the same data to my computer C: drive (240 GB Kingston Hyper3K SSD) and it blasted out 2.3 GB/S before settling down at the end of around 190 MB/s.

As for price. Well the current MSRP is $1750.oo but…. you can find sales on Amazon that are well below this mark. There are plans for a 1 TB version to come out but not word on release date or pricing on that yet.  So yes you will be spending a lot of money for a flash drive but just remember you have 512 GB of storage and USB 3.0 speeds.

If you’re in the need to carry around big storage with fast speeds and don’t want to deal with traditional external hard drives that have moving parts than this is the flash drive for you.


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