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LG G4 4K Camera Review: One Of The Best Mobile Cameras Today!

My review of the LG G4 4K camera. One of the best cameras on a phone today!

The LG G4 comes with one of the most advanced cameras you will find on a smartphones, especially for Android smartphones. It’s a 16 Megapixel shooter with 4K UHD video recording with one of the largest camera sensors on a smart phone at 1/2.6″ coupled with a f1.8 aperture which will allow more light to come into the photo you are taking. There is OIS aka optical image stabilization t that helps with low light photos and keeping smooth 4K video going. Laser auto focus locks on faster  then it did on the G3  and there is a new color spectrum sensor for more accurate color reproduction in photos.  While there is a simple and auto mode for photos, it’s the robust manual mode that really lets you take advantage of the camera specs to really get some great photos.

Manual mode gives you the ability to adjust white balance, manual focus, ISO, exposure and shutter speeds. The controls are very good with how it is laid out and should be easy for most to get in and use. These controls let me get solid photos nearly ever single time. You can fine tune them so well and you get a live preview of what your photo will look like it’s very easy to get a great shot in manual mode. Also in manual mode you get the option of having a JPEG pic or a Raw + JPEG pic when you snap a photo. Now for auto and simple mode you will get a mixed level of results as the camera software as it now is doesn’t seem to guess the right settings as well as it should.  For 4K video its smooth and look good. The audio quality is decent and could be better but good enough for the task at hand.

While some software updates will help improve photo quality overall the LG G4’s camera is one of the best this year on a flagship smart phone. For the person that loves taking great photos on the go, if your smartphone camera is your main camera (which honestly is mostly everyone these days) then this is the camera for you if you are on android.  While it’s nowhere near where Nokia cameras are especially the Lumia 1020, it’s still one of the best smart phone cameras available.




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