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LG G4 Leaks! New Details Revealed!

So we get a leak of the LG G4, but it wasn't by someone being clever and sneaking a blurry cam pic. Nope this time it was leaked by LG themselves!?!

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So we get a leak of the LG G4, but it wasn’t by someone being clever and sneaking a blurry cam pic. Nope this time it was leaked by LG themselves!?!  The story was first reported on Engadget but the source came from famous phone leaker Evan Blass. It looks like someone was working on the website for the LG G4 and someone left a live link open. It gave us some great insight on what the LG G4 will be once it’s announced later this month on April 28th.

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While most of the specs listed on the site look to be from the LG G3 and just used as a place holder, we were still able to see press renders of the LG G4 and some key specs. One thing we already knew is that they were going to keep the same 5.5 inch QHD display but now we know its going to be using a Quantum display. Quantum is the same technology LG is using in the TVs they announced at CES this year. It should help with better battery life and better color reproduction.

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As far a build it looks very similar to the LG G3 but will have genuine leather back.  We say Samsung flirt with this with the faux leather backing on the Galaxy Note 3 but the one from LG looks to be legit real leather with multiple color options. I think this will give it a premium feel and something unique to the G4.

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Speaking of the back it looks like it will be removable and will show a removable battery and a micro SD card slot. Two big items that are missing among most flagship android phones this year.  The batter looks to be 3,000 mAH but rumors say it suppose to be 3,500 mAH.

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The main camera is another huge focus for the LG G4. It’s listed at 13 megapixels but I predict it’s going to be between 16 MP and 20 MP. It comes with optical image stabilization or better known as OIS  and a f1.8 aperture which together should give you the best low light photos out of any smartphone in the market. LG is also showing off some new modes such  as bulb mode for light steak type photos and full-blown manual mode with tons of controls and raw photo shooting support. This camera is going to be boss.

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There is also this new software feature they have called “P1” this may be some type of digital assistant or add-on feature to the software experience which should be running Android 5.1 if not at least 5.0. Hopefully this P1 add on doesn’t get in the way of a great experience.

This is what we know so far no word on processor, ram or storage just yet those are still rumored to be the Snapdragon 808 8-c0re processor, 3 GB of ram and 32 GB/64 GB storage options. Let us know what you think of the specs and be sure to watch the video below for more info about the LG G4 leaks.



Via: Engadget

Source: Evan Blass

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