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Lifebeam Smart Hat Review: Fitness Tracking With A Hat

Lifebeam Smart hat
A very cool wearable fitness tracker the Lifebeam Fitness Hat is one great fitness tracker with aerospace tech!

Fitness and wearable tech are popular products these days.  The last wearable fitness tracker we review we considered one of the best fitness bands available today. Lifebeam a company that makes biosensors for aerospace and defense clients brings their technology to the consumer level with the Lifebeam Smart Hat and I’ve enjoyed my time using it.

The Lifebeam Smart Hat is a smart hat that has aerospace level biometric tracking. The hat itself is made of DRI-FIT material that is all-weather and easy to wash by hand in the sink. The hat is one size fits all with a velcro strap on the back. Above the strap is the battery pack with a LED light and on the button that will glow blue letting you know it’s on. On the front is your heart sensor that reads all the bio data.

Lifebeam works with both Android and iOS, I connected the hat with my Android smartphone, and it was a bit tricky to find a compatible app but was able to connect it via Bluetooth with Endomondo. It can track your heart rate, cadence, and calories. You can see the results below as the app is very accurate and maintains a consistent connection. It’s pretty comfortable, and battery life is rated at 17 hours and for my use which is about two day a  week for six weeks on a 4-mile walk I’ve only needed to charge it once. Battery life will be great for those like that like to do long distance running.






The Lifebeam Smart Hat retails for $99. It’s an excellent buy for those looking for a comfortable wearable and easy. Runners will love this as it can connect with a smartwatch or fitness band to track data live. I’d highly recommend the Lifebeam Hat and to learn more check out our video review below.

Lifebeam Product page

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