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Logitech Revue Final Review

The Logitech Revue is Logitech’s entry into the Google TV race. Will is gain a good review? Lets see inside.


The Revue is made of a entire plastic body which gives that typical Logitech build quality where is may not give of the high end look at first it does feel like solid build.  There are no ports on the front which gives a clean look but would have been nice to have USB ports on the front for easy access. The keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard with a large touchpad on the top.The touchpad is large enough track pad to be able to fully use the on screen mouse well. Even though it’s a regular size keyboard it is very thin and light and comfortable to type on. As showing the hardware tour previously the Logitech Revue the hardware is good.

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Performance wise the Revue works solid.  I didn’t experience any slow downs and going through menus was a smooth process. You get pretty much the same features that you get in the Sony Internet TV player that we reviewed earlier with the addition of a more user friendly media player app to stream content from your PC and play content off USB storage. Also you get Logitech HD video app for HD video calling but at the time of this review we were unable to get this feature to work. We did buy a Logitech HD TV webcam but the service was intermittent and didn’t work consistently enough for use to do a full review on. Overall the device performed smoothly

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Overall The Logitech Revue is a great Google TV box for those not looking for a Blu-Ray player and will be streaming all of their content. I would have liked to see a way to mount it to a back of a TV so you can give it a full seamless look.

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