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Microsoft Makes Windows 10 S A Option All Editions. Confuses All

Windows 10 S on Surface laptop
Microsoft announced in the next Windows 10 Update S mode will be an available option on all version of Windows 10. But is it even an option you would want to choose?

Windows 10 S Mode Coming In The Next Windows 10 Update

In a recent announcement on Microsoft’s Windows Blog, the next update to Windows 10 will now include S Mode as an option in all editions of Windows. If your not sure what S Mode is, it’s Windows 10 S announced last year.

Microsoft pushed Windows 10 S as a fast, clean and more secure Windows option. It was limited to just apps from the Windows Store. It’s initially pitched a low-cost alternative for the education and small business market. It never took off in those segments. It was also a default option set in new Surface Laptops no matter what the pricing was. In some version, you had to pay to switch to a full version of Windows 10. 

Now in the next Windows 10 update S mode will be available as an option to turn on for free. To be honest, I don’t know anyone that would do this. It doesn’t make much sense to activate this on a new expensive laptop or desktop. It also doesn’t make sense on low-end hardware since the software choices in the Windows Store are insufficient.  I don’t see where this option comes into play for consumers or business

Microsoft Needs To Admit Defeat And Shift Focus

The reality is that Microsoft doesn’t want to admit that Windows 10 S is a failure This is much like how they tried to push Windows 8 RT, and that was also met with the same reaction from consumers. People view Windows as a full operating system with no limitations. It’s why they want to use it. Devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro give you the best of both worlds with a tablet design with a full OS that has table mode options. Microsoft even used this as a selling point against other tablets like the iPad and Android-based tablets, which were limited in power and capabilities compared to it. 

So for Microsoft to still push Windows 10 S  seems more to me that they don’t want to admit failure and they also want to keep anything that is connected to the dying Windows Store alive. I’m going hard here on Microsoft, but I am a fan of most of their products and use them daily. I just want to see them focus on what works.


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