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myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000 Review

The myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000 is the portable battery charger for the power tech user. See why in our review.

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The myCharge Portablet Power Bank 6000 is a portable battery charger that banks 6000 mAH of battery life which is enough for 4 full smartphone charges and can nearly fill a iPad’s battery all the way up. The myCharge Portable Power Bank comes with with the common connection for smartphones and MP3 players with a 30 pin iPhone, iPod, iPad connection, mini USB and micro USB. There is a full USB port to plug in devices that use a proprietary connection. You can plug up to 4 devices at the same time and if you want to know how much battery is left just hit the button on the front left and the LED battery indicator will light up. The portable battery charges via micro USB and will take some time to fully charge the 6000 mAH battery so make sure you give it about 4 hours or so to fully charge up. Best practice is to leave it charging overnight for the next day.

Now while you can charge most device there are some thing that will not charge. Most larger tablets the myCharge Portable Power Bank will not be able to charge it and it will flash 2 LED lights constantly in the front when you plug it in letting you know that it’s unable to charge. The biggest size tablet it can charge is an iPad. I did find a few 7 inch tablets were able to be charged by it.  Now for the physical size of the Power Bank 6000 it’s bulky in design so you won’t be putting it in your pants pocket but its light and has a soft touch finish on the top and bottom. It’s meant to be thrown in a bag.

The myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000 is an excellent option for the mobile gadget junky. If you carry multiple USB device that died throughout the day you will want to spend the $99.99 this cost and grab yourself one.

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