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The New Google Pixel Launcher On The Nexus 6P

5 Big Changes Coming With The New Google Pixel Launcher.

Google’s new Pixel Launcher For Android Leaks

The new Pixel launcher that Google is developing leaked out. I took some time to check out the new launcher on my Nexus 6P. There are some significant changes from the previous Google Now launcher.

  • The home screen has a permanent calendar date on the top right that you can’t move or put anything on it.
  • The search bar is replaced with a search tab on the top left side of the launcher. When you tap on it, you’ll open up a search box
  • To add home screens you need to drag a shortcut or widget to the right side for a new home screen to appear. When there are no more items on that home screen, it disappears
  • There is no app drawer button. To access your apps, you’ll need to swipe up from the bottom just above the navigation controls for your full app list. You can search within this list. They also will suggest apps to you, and you’ll see your most often used apps at the top of the list.
  • The folder icons have changed, so you see a small corner of the first four apps inside the folder.

There is an also a new wallpaper app. It lets you choose from a category of wallpapers such as Earth, textures, Cityscapes, etc. Each wallpaper will give you the option to explore to see where the image was taken. For Earth photos, it will open Google maps to take you right to that location. For all others, they open up to 500px.com which seems to be sourcing wallpaper images for them.  You can also choose daily background change, and it will change, your wallpaper each day and download new wallpapers via Wi-Fi.

Those are most of the big changes coming. A lot of them I welcome. I like the way the app drawer slides up, and the wallpaper apps are great and work with Google Now Launcher as well. I wonder what more we will see once the rumored Google Pixel phones made my HTC launch later this year.  Let me know what you all think of the Pixel Launcher. Post your comments below.

Download Pixel Launcher From Android Police


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