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The New Xbox One S And Project Scorpio: What You Need To Know

Microsoft steps into 4K Gaming with the Xbox One S coming this August and the more powerful Project Scorpio coming to Holiday 2017.

Microsoft Announces Xbox One S and Project Scorpio

There was a slew of announcements today coming from Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The two biggest, the Xbox One S coming this August and Project Scorpio coming to Holiday 2017. Let’s start off with the Xbox One S.


The XBox One S Brings 4K To The XBox One Family

The Xbox One supports 4K HDR for both gaming and video content with streaming support for apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix and the upgraded 4K Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player. Don’t expect to 4K Gaming here. The gaming will get an HDR boost which Gears Of War 4 will be the first to support.


The Xbox One S Packs Big Specs In A Smaller Package

With the addition of 4K HDR support, you would think that the new Xbox One S would remain the same size as the Xbox One, Nope! The Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the Xbox One and included the power supply built in, no more giant power brick and you can now stand it vertically with the optional stand. For many this smaller size is a long overdue change as a lot of gamers felt the Xbox One was too big, personally I didn’t mind, but I can see for others with limited shelf space that it would be an issue

There have also added an infrared port, moved one of the USB 3.0 ports and controller sync button to the front for easier access. There isn’t a Kinect port on the Xbox One S, but Microsoft will have a conversion adapter to USB for those that have a Kinect to plug it into the new Xbox One S.


A Streamlined Updated Controller

The Xbox One also sports a new streamlined updated standard controller that has a textured back and includes Bluetooth for easy connection to PCs, no need for a dongle anymore! They also have new customs colors that you can design and grab direction from Microsoft. There are 8 million color combinations available.


When is the Xbox One S Available and How Much?

The new Xbox One S will be available in August with pre-orders starting now. Pricing starts at $299 for the 500 GB, $349 for the 1 TB and $399 for the 2 TB model; all come in the new “robot white” color scheme. Currently, pre-orders are only for the 2 TB model.


Project Scorpio Is The More Powerful VR Future Of The Xbox One Family

Project Scorpio is the next Xbox One coming during the holidays in 2017. We don’t know everything about it yet, but we do know that it will be able to support 4K resolution for both gaming and video content. There will be six teraflops of GPU bandwidth, 320GB of memory bandwidth, 8 CPU cores and will support Hi-Res VR Gaming. Fallout 4 will be VR ready for when Project Scorpio is released. That’s all that’s know currently, no firm date or pricing just yet and  the name will probably change. We will hear more at E3 2017.


Microsoft Makes The First Move In 4K For Consoles

I’m happy that Microsoft is making the push towards 4K on consoles. It may seem like a stop gap, but I don’t think it is. It’s getting 4K content ready for when Project Scorpio arrives next year. It’s a smart move by Microsoft who are looking to chip away at that lead Playstation has right now. That lead could be extended with the PS4.5 Neo soon to be revealed.

If you’re hesitant in picking up a Xbox One or Xbone S in fear of compatibility when Project Scorpio comes. Don’t worry  all games and accessories will work across all three consoles.

Let us know your thoughts on the New Xbox One S and Project Tango.



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