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Nintendo NX Coming March 2017

The Nintendo NX is expected to launch March 2017. Zelda delayed as well.

Today Nintendo announced that their next console code-named Nintendo NX will be released March 2017. ┬áIncluded in this announcement the next Legend of Zelda game also be delayed again to March 2017 and will have a Wii U and a Nintendo NX version when launched. Nintendo is also only showing the Wii U version of the game and that will be the only new game they will show at E3 2016 this year. Nintendo will also be expanding their smartphone specific games with the recent success of Miitomo with games for Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. This new games today from Nintendo’s fiscal year earnings call.

This is coming as a shock as many of use expected the new Nintendo NX to debut at E3 with a holiday release time but with a March 2017 tentative release date for the Nintendo NX it make sense that we won’t see anything at E3 and will most likely see the first glimpse of the new Nintendo NX sometime in the fall in Nintendo’s own press event they will most likely hold. I’m really disappointed in the fact that Zelda is once again delayed and we won’t have a new one for the 30th anniversary of Zelda which is one of my favorite game franchise of all time.

This announcement also signals the death of the Wii U as pretty much the platform will not get anymore big games on it. It’s the beginning of the end of what could be considered Nintendo’s worst performing console in its history. Time will tell on that but for now share your thoughts on this announcement and while we don’t know any specs or details yet we did put in our predictions of what we think it might be in the video below so check it out. Also let me know what you think the name will be? Will the stick with the Wii name and go with Wii NX? Maybe it’s a VR console and its Virtual Boy 2?


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