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Nokia Purity In-Ear High Definition Headphones Review

Nokia Purity
Our review of the Nokia Purity In-Ear High Definition Headphones.

Purity In-Ear Headphones Provide Pure Sound Quality

Nokia and Monster have paired together on audio product to match up with the Lumia series of Windows Phones. The Nokia Purity In-Ear High Definition headphones is a great example of premium sound and quality. The headphones come with tangle resistant cables which really do work as I haven’t mangled them up like I usually do with most headphones. There are media playback controls/in-Call mic that works only for Windows Phone which is a rarity and I believe the only playback controls that works with Windows Phone.  I found these controls to work well sometimes while not being responsive at all and some Windows Phones all the controls work while others ones I used it with only one or two buttons work. Seems to be a software issue. You also get a nice soft case, adapter for older Nokia devices and different size ear buds to get the right fit. They also use and advanced Monster driver inside to give solid bass levels with little to no distortion.

With all this does the performance match the specs? In my use the Purity headphones were great. I found music playback to sound good across the board from most mainstream music genres. They keep the base levels good with hip-hop and pop music which is what most consumer headphones and ear buds are geared towards. Playback of techno and electronica is good as well as rock but not the best that you will hear. The in-call mic is amazing on here. The best I’ve used for a wired headset. People actually don’t even know I’m using a headset mic to talk to them.

To put in simply the Nokia Purity In-Ear HD Headphones is a solid product from Nokia and Monster. For the Windows Phone user this is the headset to get. It’s the only one in the market that has media playback controls that work with Windows Phone. The audio quality is good while the mic quality is excellent. It’s worth its $99 price tag.

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