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PDP Wii Headbanger Chat Headset Review

PDP Headbanger Chat Headset
Ever since it was first announced at E3 the PDP Headbanger Chat Headset has been highly anticipated. Does our review show that it lives up to the hype? Read inside.


The Headbanger chat headset comes in two different versions a standard white one that matches the Wii and a Call Of Duty Black Ops edition which comes in black with the Call of Duty logo and this is the version that we are going to review. The headset is made of all plastic with a rubber earpiece and has a solid feel to it.  It comes with a 10 ft cable and comes in handy with since it needs to plug into the back of the Wii. The long cable gives enough slack so it doesn’t just hang in the air and you don’t feel constricted down if you move around a bit. It comes with a long plastic piece at the end of the cable which I feel is a bit to long at the end. While it is very sturdy I would worry for those who keep their Wii out in the open and could possible trip and break it off in the Wii. I think just a quarter of the size would work and would give more cable space


The headset is left ear only so hopefully you are comfortable with that because you can’t swap it. It does fit comfortable over the ear and the mouth piece will rotate up and down with easy and you can control the volume with the dial wheel which is on the side on the headset. Press on the top of the headset will allow you to mute the mic and a red light will indicate this.  Good hardware build from PDP here.


When using it during gameplay it worked great. I could hear people good even though the headset doesn’t get as loud as you would expect it does sound well at its loudest point. People could hear me well  through the mic and often commented how well it sounded.   Since I couldn’t record this during in game play I decide to see if it could plug into my PC which it did and I was able to record a call with Thunder E from Booredatwork.com to give you an example of the audio quality in the video review.


PDP did a great job with the first in game headset with mic for the Nintendo Wii.  The quality is great and the easy of use is on par with all other accessories on the Nintendo Wii. We hope in the future that they will be able to find a way to make it wireless or find a way for it to plug into the Wii Remote.

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