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Powerbag Business Class Pack Review

PowerBag Business Class Pack is the perfect back to school backpack for college students.

The PowerBag line undoubtedly serves a niche market that necessarily shouldn’t be a niche market. Combining the fact every single person, in a non-third world country environment, has owned or owns a book bag ; you would think the idea of having power on-the-go would be common standard by now. But alas, it isn’t, so in saying that, rest assure the PowerBag Business Class Pack does the trick for any consumer looking to add a little common sense to their book bag.

Powerbag: Business Class Look, Premium Feel

From the tough and rugged exterior, to the smooth soft material coated inside, the Business Class Pack screams premium. From an industrial design standpoint, it lacks any form of ACTUAL design. It comes in one color variation (Black) and it showcases it in a very generic way. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but in the age of materialism, consumers want something to relate to with any product they buy.

There is one unique aspect of the PowerBag and it lies in it’s hidden LED notification system. To know the level of juice left all you need to do is press down on the PowerBag logo on the front of the bag. If it glows 4 bars, then you know you’re fully juiced, if not, it dwindles down it’s notification lights until dead. Pretty nifty feature.

The rear of the Business Class Pack has a minimalistic foam pad inside that molds to your back for extra comfort. The over-shoulder straps also have a clip that helps divert some of the weight to your chest for added overall balance. Atop there are gel filled handles that literally has a separate form of quality than anything else on the bag

All in all, the overall look and feel of the device is stellar.

PowerBag Comes With Plenty of Ports And Cords For Your Device And A Huge Battery

This is where the PowerBag truly shines from the rest. In the photos provided, you’ll see it houses a detachable portable charger that’s 6000mah’s in capacity. Not only that, the bag comes preloaded with your assortment of charging cables connected to the actual power source. iPhone connector, MicroUSB, MiniUSB, the whole works. It even has an external USB slot for tablets and such.

It also comes with a wall adapter for charging the PowerBag straight from the outlet!!! That feature alone had me sold. Charging times vary, but if you’re at home, not doing a thing, empty to full should take about 6-8 hours.

The the bag lets you charge multiple devices at the same time but I wouldn’t recommend it. The PowerBag does have one major flaw and it’s correlated with it’s most important feature. Charging devices using the Business Class Pack is extremely slow. Like 1 hour equals 33% charge slow. Adding multiple devices to the fray will only increase your frustration.

PowerBag Business Class Pack: The Perfect Back To School Backpack For College Students

If you’re looking for a fast portable charging system, then this charging backpack shouldn’t be in your radar. You should be more inclined to look towards their line of compact portable chargers such as the myCharge Peak 6000. Even so, if your a consistent traveler, college student, or a person that just wants to look extremely cool and don’t mind the slow charging times the PowerBag Business Class Pack is the bag to get. After spending some time with the PowerBag, I walked away with a feeling of reassurance and quality. Being priced at $179.99, it better.

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