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RIM Should Use WebOS

RIM is having its fair share of troubles as of late and I think one way to bring them back is using WebOS.


RIM is having its fair share of troubles as of late and I think one way to bring them back is using WebOS.  Now you are probably wondering why I would say use another companies mobile OS why they have developed their own. Well its simple they need something that has a fan base, security and enterprise features and something developers want to develop for.

RIM is still using their java based Blackberry OS which worked for people 3 years ago but now comes up very short compare to the competition. It’s now in the same place that Microsoft was in almost 2 years ago with the original Windows Mobile.  While the core is solid the user experience and scalability is just not there. They have made another OS  with QNX aka Blackberry Tablet OS but it hasn’t fared well with developers and came out half-baked as I showed in my Blackberry Playbook review. This change should have come on their Blackberry handsets first to get it out there and should have been out 3 years earlier for it to work but now their just stuck and probably won’t be able to gain popularity for it.

If they make the switch to WebOS they will have the user experience, enterprise features and scalability that they need and since its been out for a least a couple of years there are fans and developers for it. HP now owns it and is looking to do big things with it and already in talks with Samsung about licensing it. RIM should do the same thing as well and take a cue from Nokia and become a hardware focused company. They already have a very popular hardware design that many people love especially with their keyboards and HP needs to get some different hardware options out there.

RIM needs to let someone else handle the software while making it work on their hardware and add their popular features such as BBM.  Doing this change will put them in a familiar spot but this time they will have the OS that can grow with the times.  If Nokia does well with Windows Phone 7 over Symbian then  that’s proof enough for RIM to make that change. But I hope they don’t wait and just make the jump right now and from those open letters from employees it doesn’t sound like they would but lets just hope those letters shake things up. The more competition there is the better it is for us the consumer.

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