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Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus: All The Info You Need To Know

Samsung reveals the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Here Is What You Need to Know!

It’s that time of the year again. Samsung has released the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Two smartphones that are aimed to keep Samsung in the lead for flagship smartphones.  Here is everything you need to know about them.

The new Infinity Display Makes The Screen Nearly Borderless

Galaxy S8

The very first thing I notice on the Galaxy S8 is the new Infinity display. No longer called the edge display. The screen is nearly borderless on the side with the S8 having a 5.8-inch display and the S8+ at  6.2 inches both have Quad HD+ resolution. The display shines its best when viewing content which you can resize to take advantage of the new 18.5:9 screen ratio.

Premium Build Quality For the S8

The next feature that stood out to me was the build quality. Full Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back of the S8 and aluminum body. Much less slippery than the S7 and feel comfortable in hand and, while these phones have bigger screens and taller, it doesn’t feel like an oversized phone in hand.

The Galaxy S8 is not just pretty put packs power

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have near identical internal specs with the Snapdragon 835 processor for the US and Exynos for the international market coupled with 4 GB of Ram, 64 GB of storage with MicroSD card support for up to 256GB of storage. Both phones are IP68 dust and water resistant, first to have Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-FI, NFC, MST for Samsung Pay, USB-C and a 3.5 MM headphone jack that will make a lot of people happy is still there. The differences internally come from the battery which the S8 has a 3,000 mAH battery and the S8+ has a 3,500 mAh battery. Samsung has assured us that these batteries have received more than the industry standard for testing for safety and quality. And even with those big batteries you can fast charge wired or wireless with the S8 to quickly top them off.

The Home Button Is No More

The physical home button is more on the Galaxy S8. However, you will still get the vibrating feedback from pressing the virtual home button on display. Underneath they have provided a haptic feedback engine, so it will feel as if you a pressing a physical button.

Fingerprint Sensor Is New Place and Increase Security

Now with the home button gone on the front, I was hoping to see them also get the fingerprint sensor underneath the display, but they have moved to the back of the phone off center right next to the camera. A bit of an odd place but I did get used to it being there rather fast, so it will be interesting to see how consumers react to it when unlocking their phone using fingerprint security.

Speaking of security the Iris scanner has made it’s way from the Note 7 to the Galaxy S8.  You can use your eye for the most authentic and secure was to unlock your phone.

Improving An Award Winning Camera

Samsung says they have improved the cameras in the S8. Physically the rear camera no longer has a hump on the back and is flush with the rest of the device. The main camera is a Dual Pixel 12MP Camera with OIS and f1.7 aperture. Samsung is using a new multi-image processing mode for better quality photos. The selfie camera is 8MP with the same f1.7 aperture and has the ability for wide angle selfies.

Software Refinement, A New Assistant, and Desktop Experience

Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung is running their Samsung Experience version 8.1 that is based on Android 7.0 on the Galaxy S8. This is probably the most refinement that I’ve seen in their software to date. They have a look that matches the look and feel of the phone in general. Not as much of the colorful candy look from the past but still resembles the Samsung that you know that will keep the fanbase familiar.

Bixby, Your New Galaxy Assistant

Bixby is Samsung Ai assistant that will be built into the Galaxy S8. It’s all about contextual awareness that will help personalize the device to you through voice, touch and text commands. We weren’t able to fully test its power on the show floor, but I did look at the hub that will bring all of your information together. It’ looking like a smooth, clean and intelligent interface that I am looking forward to getting to know more about.

Samsung Dex, The Desktop You Always Wanted Your Smartphone To Be?

The final new software piece is Samsung Dex which with a docking station will give you a full desktop environment from your Galaxy S8. The demoed off editing a powerpoint and emailing it off right on the device with more feature rich versions of mobile apps.  I am surprisingly very excited for this considering, so many companies have tried to do this and have failed. I seem to have a lot more confidence in Samsung being able to pull this off.

It looks like Samsung has another winner

Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S8 Plus

And that’s the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Samsung is doubling down on its main flagship this year to recover from a rough 2016.  My current thoughts now are that they have a winner on their hands yet again. We will see once we get a review unit in the house. But Samsung has put the competition on notice. They will not slip up again.

So let me know in the comments below which one are you more interested in the S8 or S8+? Do you think Samsung got it right so far with this year’s Galaxy S flagship?  Let me know your questions, comments, and concerns below.


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