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Scosche FlipSync Review

Scosche FlipSync
Scosche FlipSync is a USB 2.0 travel cable to charge and sync your USB devices.

These days we all have many different devices we are carrying with us and a lot of them need a USB cable or charger and sync and after awhile those numbers of cables can add up and can make a nice tangled mess in a bag.  Well fret no more a Scosche has the solution for you with the FlipSync.  Check out the review with pics and video inside.

The Scosche FlipSync is a USB 2.0 travel cable to charge and sync your USB devices.  The cable comes in a compact keychain size to make it ultra portable and comes with Micro and Mini USB cable connections when are the most common connections for most devices like phones, cameras and MP3 Players.

The FlipSync feels very solid and well build and a very easy to use product. It connects and will charge and sync your device right away. You can even do a bit of a daisy chain of devices as you see in the video but you can’t mix and match between the micro and min USB  connections it has to be one or the other.

Overall the product is a solid must have if you are a gadget junkie who carriers a lot of device around really these days who doesn’t. I would say I wish the cables came out a bit further but other than that this is a great product and a solid buy at $19.99.  There is also a iPhone, iPod, IPad compatible version as well at the exact same price.

Grab a FlipSync it will make your mobile life a lot easier.

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