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The Acer Predator Thornos Gaming Chair Is For The Hardcore

Predator Thornos Gaming Chair
The Predator Thornos is your gaming chair throne to rule the video game word!

Predator Thornos = Gaming Throne For The Hardcore Gamer

If you’re looking for the ultimate gaming chair, Acer might have the one for you with their new Predator Thornos Gaming chair. It supports up to 3 27 inch gaming monitors and even supports the PC within the chair. Its steel structure is 1.5 meters tall and comes in menacing dual-tone black with white or blue accents. It puts you in the feel of the game with deep impact vibration in the chair from the game. The chair is adjustable and includes an ergonomic seat design, footrest, and a cabin that reclines up to 140 degrees.

The chair mainly reminds me of the super expensive VR chairs that Wade users in the book Ready Player One. It seems like we are getting closer to that future. No word on pricing just yet but Acer expects to launch it at the end of the year.


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