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Topre Keyboard Review: Why This Is The Best I’ve Ever Used

The Topre Keyboard is an interesting keyboard with it's unique switches, plain look, distinct sound and feel. After 60 days it's the best i've ever used!

The Topre Type Heaven Is The Best Keyboard I’ve Ever Used!

This is a pretty bold claim to make there. I’ve used quite a few mechanical keyboards, but the Topre Keyboard has stood out  from the rest and has become my favorite keyboard to use.  It’s sleek, bold and simple. I know it’s a bit crazy to get excited over a keyboard but if you type as much as I do, you learn to appreciate a good keyboard. Let’s talk about the Topre Type Heaven keyboard and why I proclaim that this is the best keyboard I’ve ever used.

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What Is A Topre Keyboard?

Topre is a Japanese keyboard manufacturer that creates a unique mechanical keyboard. Typically with most mechanical keyboards use a key switch called Cherry MX. If you’re not familiar what a key switch is. It’s basically the contact mechanism that you press when you click a key on a keyboard. There are a variety of key switch types but the most widely used and popular is Cherry MX and it comes in different flavors such as Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red and so on. If you want a deeper technical explanation of mechanical key switches I would suggest checking out this blog post from DASKeyboard.

The Topre Keyboard doesn’t use any of those key switches mention. It use a custom made keyswitch they developed call Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switches, which basically means there is not actual physical actuation when you press the key down.

The version I have is the Topre Type Heaven 104. It’s a full QWERTY keyboard  with number pad. It’s an all black keyboard with black keys that are bit concave in so your fingers rest into the naturally and the key symbols are gold and lasered on. To get a bit more technical, each key uses the Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switches 45 grams weight and 4mm keystroke travel. There is 6-key rollover and a 1.5 mm USB cable.
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What Does a Topre Switch Keyboard Feel Like?

When I first got the keyboard it took me some time to get used to the overall feel. The matte finish took time to get used to as I had gotten used to other keyboard keys that were more slick and your fingers would slide across the keys but on the Topre that’s not going to happen. Also the click feel from the keys is very different. Not something that I was used to. It is a satisfying click once you get used to it and you’ll miss it once you start typing on other keyboards. The key feels soft when you press down on them but they bounce up a bit when you press them down fully and release. I know that sounds a bit weird but it’s a bit hard to describe. The sound of the keystrokes  is also a unique. It’s sort of a soft muffled click when typing.

I also like the no frills look of the Topre Type Heaven. This is a keyboard meant for the typist so there is no extra USB ports, media key, macro keys or LEDs. This keyboard is mean for pure typing and the look states it.

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Does The Topre Keyboard Improve Your Typing? Do You Type Faster? Better Accuracy?

After using the Topre Type Heaven for about 60 days now I can say I feel that my type has improved. It’s not going to be a cure for the bad typer but I have noticed that I pay more attention to detail when typing and my accuracy is better. The keyboard travel is slower than your common mechanical keyboard so it feels like you are typing slower but I personally don’t feel my speed has changed too noticeably.

I didn’t do too much gaming on the keyboard. For gamers I would recommend going with a gaming keyboard. They tend to have more features and macros and have a faster travel across the keys which are a must for PC gaming.  if you are a serious gamer but if you are more casual and you’re more of a typist then the Topre will be a better fit.

Being a blogger and having to type long blog posts, it has come much more enjoyable with the Topre Keyboard. If you’re a typist you will want to give this keyboard a try. It’s about the same cost as most mid level to high end mechanical keyboards cost. Not only do they make the Type Heaven 104 but they also have the Topre Realforce 87U and 104UB which are the top of the line keyboards from them.  I found mine on Amazon so I’ll include a link below to them so you can grab one for yourself as I highly recommend the Topre Keyboard and you really have to try one out for yourself to truly understand how great it is for those who type all day and type a lot.






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