TYLT Energi 2K Battery Pack Reivew: Replace Your Smartphone Charger

TYLT Energi 2K Battery Pack Reivew: Replace Your Smartphone Charger 1
Replace your smartphone charger with the TYLT Energi 2K Battery pack.

TYLT Energi 2K Review-1

So back in May the TYLT Enrgi 2K was just a Kickstarter campaign that went far about its funding goals now is a tangible product and I want to thank TYLT for sending along one to use for review. The Energi 2K battery pack is design to replace your smartphone charger. You get a 2,200 mAH rechargeable battery inside. Wile for today’s smartphones that is relativity small its good enough to get you battery up to a decent level when your not near a wall adapter. When you do get near a wall plug you can just the wall prongs on the back of the Energi 2K to recharge the battery and recharge y our phone at the same time. I found the combo of that to be extremely useful and a great replacement for charger my smartphone originally came with. It’s $40 and a great buy that we can recommend. Check out the video for more info!



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