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Why Nintendo Making Smartphone Games Is A Great Idea!

Nintendo is making games for smartphones. Let me tell you why it's a great time to do it now!

Key Points:

  • Nintendo has partnered with DeNA to create mobile games using Nintendo’s IP.
  • Nintendo will only allow new games made specifically for smartphones and mobile devices.
  • Nintendo is still making hardware.



Yesterday Nintendo dropped a bombshell when they announce that they will be making games for the mobile gaming market. Something that they stayed away from for many years until now.  They have teamed up with a Japanese mobile gaming company called DeNA to make these games using Nintendo’s rich IP of characters and trademarks.

The catch is that all these games will be new and there will be no ports. All the games that will be made for smartphones and mobile devices will be brand new. This will keep games fresh and developed for the proper platform.  There are already a ton of games I can think of like a new Super Mario RPG style game, Zelda trading card game or even a sequel to Kirby’s Avalanche that was a tetris-like puzzle game which could give games like Candy Crush a run for its money.

There are some already whining about Nintendo being too late in entering in the mobile games market and that this is the sign of the end of them. They are way off base here. Nintendo is coming in at the right time when the mobile gaming market is mature and less volatile.

They will be able to use these games as a way to get people to try the full experience with one of their dedicated gaming consoles which leads me to my next point that Nintendo announced that they will still be making hardware and have already announced their next system.

So what games would you want to see Nintendo make with their IPs. We know we’ll probably see a Mario, Zelda and Pokémon style games but what will those games be and what other IPs can they use? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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