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Will The HTC One Save HTC? Nope!

How the HTC One with all its glory will not save HTC.

It’s been a couple of days now since HTC the HTC One became a reality and if you haven’t seen it yet check out our hands on here, but before you do let me talk about why I think this is not the phone that is going to save HTC.

HTC One Will Not Save HTC! But It Won’t Kill Them Either

The HTC One is a very impressive smartphone with HTC’s signature build quality and solid specs to match especially with the quad-core processor and the UltraPixel camera.They also have done a complete overhaul of Sense UI and Sense 5 is new and refreshing. But much of this is playing catch up to the competition. Quad core processors are nice but are becoming very common in most high-end smartphone.  I’m going to leave out of the argument here since it’s new and not totally proven how much better it is then current top smartphone camera. These has been a few leaked photos but I really want to test and use myself before giving judgment on that. It’s also not good that only 3 of the phone major US carriers are getting the phone. You need to have all 4 for it to work as with the Galaxy S III

My argument here will be on the software side of things. Back last year when I asked If the Samsung Galaxy S III is a disappointment when it was first announced,  I made mention that the software is the big difference and the  win if for Samsung over not only the HTC One X, but many other smartphones that came out that year. The results proved that to be correct. Now HTC is in the same boat again. While Sense 5 is a great overhaul I don’t feel that this will be enough to get them over the hump this year. Samsung has made software a key focus for a while and even LG had done the same with the Optimus G which has become a successful phone for them. This puts HTC behind the game here and will need some time to catch up. Now don’t get me wrong I like so far from what I have seen from HTC Sense 5, but I see its android competitors passing by them again this year.

Now don’t think I think this phone is a  flop, it’s won’t be. It’s going to sell very well for HTC and keep their head above water and keep them most likely in the same place they are now at. But I feel its going to be the successor to the HTC One that will the true home run hit for HTC.

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