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The New Body Cardio Is The Most Comprehensive Scale On The Market

The Withings Body Cardio is a new comprehensive home scale that can measure your fat, water, bone and cardiovascular health.

Withings New Body Cardio Scale Help Keep Track Of your Cardiovascular Health

Today Withings announced the brand new Body Cardio home scale. The Body Cardio is the fourth generation scale from Withings and provides you with accurate measures of weight, BMI, your fat, muscle, water and bone measurements also know as body competition, standing heart rate and your cardiovascular health using Pulse Wave Velocity measurements or PWV.

PWV is the speed that your heartbeat-generated vibrations spread out along the arterial wall. A high PWV means you have either stiff arteries or high blood pressure.  So the Body Cardio can give you warning signs of possible heart complications that you may be developing.

The Body Cardio also does full body competition which they use a technique called biomedical impedance which should provide you with accurate percentages of body fat, water, and bone mass. I’ve seen other scale claim they can do this well and it usually the opposite so I’m interested here on what Body Studio can bring to the table.


Your data from the Body Studio scale can be synced to the Withings Health Mate app for iOS and Android. The app allows you to see all the information in graphs and charts and allows you to follow trends so see if your health is going up or is going in the opposite direction.

As far as the design for the Body Studio it has the look of a modern scale and is 0.7 inches thin with a flat aluminum base with a footless design and tempered glass. You should be able to set the scale on any surface and get an accurate reading. The Body Studio also has long battery life at one year between charges.
Withings-BodyCardio-f2f From what it sounds like to me, the Body Studio scale should be the one home scale to rule them all. I’m very interested in how well the body composition measures works and want to know what my PWV level is. We expect to get a review unit soon. If you want to pick one up to try for yourself before though you can grab the Body Studio exclusivity at Apple or Withings.com for $179 (more retailers to come during summer 2016). There is also another model called Body which goes for $129 but doesn’t include the PWV feature.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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