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Xbox One Unboxing, Setup & First Impressions

Our Xbox One unboxing setup and first impressions. It's a long video but worth watching!

Xbox One Unboxing Setup & First Impressions

Last week it was Sony”s PS4 Debut and this week it’s Xbox One time to shine. With the release of the Xbox one brings the final next generation console to market joining the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Wii U.

Be sure to lift a couple of weights before picking up your Xbox One because it’s a heavy console. It is a big on the larger size but it’s not like your going to be moving the console often so be sure to make some space for it and you’ll be ok. The Xbox One includes Kinect with it which your going to need to really take advantage of all the features along with headset, one controller and power brick. For the hardcore tech specs  it comes with a 8 core processor, 500 GB of storage, Blu- Ray player, 2 HDMI ports that lets you plug your cable box into, optical audio, gigabit Ethernet and dedicated kinect port. Plenty of ports and features to get you going!

There is a Day One update that you’ll need to do on the Xbox One which is around 500 MB to do. At launch there was option to install via USB but currently that has been taken down so now it’s online only and you can’t use your Xbox one until that update is complete so give yourself about 20 minutes to complete that.  After you’ll need to go through the setup which has a few questions and configurations it will want you to go through before you get to the main menu. Overall you’ll need give yourself anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour for initial setup currently. This will change in the future I’m sure but currently it is a bit of a long process to get to the main menu.

But after the lengthily setup you’ll get to the good part which we cover more in the video. We take a look at the new Windows 8 style interface, apps, games, TV Guide setup and Kinect voice commands. Check the video for more!

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