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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Unboxing

We're starting our new PC build and its core will be the new AMD Threadripper 1950X. Check our unboxing of the new high-end processor with unique packaging.

Unboxing AMD’s Most Powerful Processor

It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited for AMD. I remember when I first started building PCs that AMD was the brand I started with (Duron 700 was my first build.) I followed that all the way through to the Athlon XP series of processors before making the switch to Intel and truthfully until now AMD wasn’t in the competition but the new high-end AMD Threadripper series is looking to bring them back into the game.

The one we will be creating our new build from is the top of the line in the services the Threadripper 1950x. It came in a unique looking packaging that I haven’t seen a processor come in before. Something that can sit on a bookshelf if you so desire. Inside the box with the processor, you get a Torx screwdriver and a mount for an AIO watercooler that will allow your current one to work with the new Socket TR4. Motherboards that are compatible with this chip run on the X399 chipset and we’ll be doing an unboxing of that bad boy coming up soon.

Currently, as of this post, there is a sale on this processor which usually goes for $1000 is now $800.  Also, the 1920x and 1900x also are on sale for less than the regular retail price. We’ll have the links below if you’re interested in picking one up.  Watch our full unboxing video to see what’s inside.

AMD Threadripper Sale (As of 11/29/2017)

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