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Apple Watch Proves That Smart watches Are Bullshit

Pretty much the title says it all. Apple Watch proves that smart watches are Bullshit!

Smartwatches are bullshit

If there is one thing that came out out the Apple Watch event yesterday is that Apple has proven that all smart watches are complete bullshit. We’re in 2015 and so far nobody seems to have been able to get it right.

Let’s start with the Apple Watch. What they announced with the Apple watch at the event yesterday was pretty much everything that we talked about before with it. But this time we got pricing tiers. We knew that the entry-level model was going to start at $349 but we didn’t know the cost of the other ones until now. The price range…… $349 – $17,000!  Yes that’s right you see $17,000!! 

I went into a lot of things in the video that you can buy for $17,000 so I won’t get into that here and while I understand that they are pricing this more in the fashion and jewelry realm. They are a tech company and it just makes no sense. Usually when you have pricing differences in tech you usually either get more features, better specs, better software or more storage. In this case the Apple Watch works in the same way regardless of which one you buy. You’re paying for build quality and no more functionality.

The Apple Watch proves that all smart watches are bullshit because it does nothing that we haven’t seen from Android Wear smart watches from LG, Motorola etc., and Tizen OS based ones like Samsung’s Gear smart watches.  They are all glorified notification centers on your wrist that give lazy people with first world problem a solution to not have to pull out their smartphone from their pocket when they get a notification.  I know there is Pebble, Martian and Qualcomm out there but I’m more talking about the direct competitor the Apple Watch is against and that’s the bigger tech companies.

The truth of the matter is that not one single smart watch manufacturers has figured out how to make smart watches something you can’t live without. They haven’t found that bullet point that enhances the quality of your life better than you could do without it. Of course this is subjective as technology should be tool that you use and not what defines you but smartphones and tablets accomplished become those tools that enhance life better then before it and it seems smart watches are a long way from doing this but if they want to get started they need to tackle three key issue; battery life, build quality, cross-platform compatibility.

But hey this is just me doing a constructive rant here. Share your thoughts below on this matter and if you don’t like what I said…Too Bad.. DEAL WITH IT!

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