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AT&T Impulse 4G Review

The AT&T Impulse 4G is a good phone for the budget and/or beginner smartphone user see why in our review.



The Impulse 4G is comes with hardware made up of what would be high-end features a year a go. It comes with a 3.8 inch capacitive touchscreen display at 480 x 800 resolution which is good enough for viewing most basic phone features. No front facing camera above the screen but below it is touch sensitive menu buttons for back, menu, home and search. The back of the phone has a nice soft touch finish that makes it comfortable to hold in the hands. Behind the battery door is a 1500 mAh battery, SIM card and 2 GB micro SD card storage with 1 GB of built-in storage.




The rear 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and 720p video is decent enough for uploading to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and such but it’s not going to blow you away with its quality.





For connections you have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and HSPA+ 4G data speeds that are fast enough when AT&T’s network wants to work properly.  The phone comes with Android 2.2 froyo with a stock interface with minimal customizations and pre-installed software. The 800 Mhz processor makes the phone run smooth enough for most basic tasks but will lag when you have a lot of widgets going or using intense applications.  Battery life with the 1500 mAh battery is standard for android with moderate users be able to get through the day on a single charge but heavy users will look to charge throughout the day.


For a $30 phone you get a pretty decent package. Its specs that would not wow anyone today but for the budget user that isn’t a power smartphone user this will work great for them. The phone  is also good for those that are beginning smartphone users and new to android.  The AT&T Impulse 4G is a phone that looked to be on par with the LG Optimus One line of phones that were very successful. The impulse 4G hits its mark.

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